Playa Del Carmen

refuge for those who enjoy the soft sea breeze


$6,956,780 Mxn

(XR Today : 17.91)

$388,200 Usd

It is the best located and versatile real estate project in Playa del Carmen. A development with only 43 apartments designed for unforgettable people.

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

Comfort & Elegance

Design blends style and functionality, open spaces, and refreshing windows creating the ideal environment. Comfort, elegance, good taste and careful attention to detail make Central Park II an exciting investment option in Playa del Carmen.

Beach Nearby
Sky Pool
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
Sky Bar
Spa & Sauna
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

Luxurious Interiors

Minimalist and luxurious design, invite guests and owners to discover the secrets of the Caribbean. And live the most memorable experiences inside an elegant and simple surroundings.

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate AzulRE | Azul Real Estate


Prime Location
Roof Top With Infinity Pool
Underground Parking

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

Playa del Carmen


23.6 Millions

Tourists | Visitors

5.5 %

Annual Growth

86 %

Average Occupancy

$120-$250 Usd

Average Night Cost

Quintana Roo

State with one of the best Return of Investment, Low Risk and Capital Gains in the World, this makes Playa del Carmen one of the Favorite Cities for Local and International Investors to Acquire Properties.

Savings  Invest

Invest your money instead of saving it, enjoy your property and rent it when you don't occupy it, the rental admin will do it for you. This will generate a passive income and better capital gains.

For a Property valued
$388,200 Usd
you could get an Annual Return of Investment of at least
$38,800 Usd

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We will advise and help you step by step until you acquire the best property for your future

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

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