Modern Architecture

love for the cenotes


$150,000 Usd

The imposing and mysterious style is perceived from the beginning, presenting a hypnotic facade where design and innovation flirt between straight lines, organic shapes, giving rise to a true personal stamp that distinguishes it from others

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

Design And Distribution

A place that has managed to captivate tourists from all over the world thanks to an unforgettable landscape where the sky and the sea are lost together on the horizon

Panoramic Pool
Sky Bar
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
Sky Pool
Exterior Cinema
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
Beach Nearby
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

Areas With The Highest Added Value

Una comunidad exclusiva y cosmopolita, con variedad de propuestas culinarias, artísticas y de esparcimiento. Todo para hacer de tu vida aquí una experiencia distinta

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

Amenities & Comfort

Roof Garden Pool
Yoga Room
Swimming Pools
Gym On Two Levels
Business Center

AzulRE | Azul Real Estate
AzulRE | Azul Real Estate



22.5 Millions

Tourists | Visitors

4.6 %

Annual Growth

83 %

Average Occupancy

$150-$300 Usd

Average Night Cost

Quintana Roo

State with one of the best Return of Investment, Low Risk and Capital Gains in the World, this makes Tulum one of the Favorite Cities for Local and International Investors to Acquire Properties.

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Invest your money instead of saving it, enjoy your property and rent it when you don't occupy it, the rental admin will do it for you. This will generate a passive income and better capital gains.

For a Property valued
$150,000 Usd
you could get an Annual Return of Investment of at least
$15,000 Usd

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AzulRE | Azul Real Estate

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